Understanding the treasures of planet earth and means to utilise them in a sustainable manner has been central to human civilization.

According to Vedic scriptures, the life on Earth has evolved in sync with the evolutionary process of the Universe; therefore all life processes in order to be sustainable must conform to the principle of universal order. Our scriptures have accorded the mother Earth - the sustainer of life – the highest place of significance in the life of human kind.

The Prithvi Sukta in Atharvaveda is dedicated to Mother Earth. It indeed contains essential principles of life, environmental sustainability, peaceful coexistence and resultant multicultural approaches. This is the central theme of our scriptures.

The Green Earth Global Foundation is dedicated to pursue this holistic view.

Now after millions of years of activity the human civilisation is faced with multiple challenges of sustainable development in all its dimensions. More than a billion people live in extreme poverty, income inequality within and among many countries has been rising; at the same time, unsustainable consumption and production patterns have resulted in huge economic and social costs and may endanger life on the planet. Sustainable development will need to be inclusive and take special care of the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are aimed at achieving such holistic development.


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