VISHWAMITHRA TRUST is a charitable Trust dedicated to promote and provide practical solutions towards the holistic development of mankind.

Its main objective is “to visualize, develop, organize and manage culturally appropriate strategies, programmes, actions, action groups, institutions, community education and mass movements for the holistic development of mankind and it total environment based on the values of emotional unity, universal love, scientific knowledge, integrity of character and sincerity of efforts to achieve peace, progress and prosperity for all”.

This MADE in INDIA Digital Academy for has been conceived in the context of rising global Digital Economy and India's national endeavor to leapfrog this profound, multifaceted, transformation. Designed as a New Generation thinking institution, an innovation-mediated knowledge enterprise Academy is dedicated to prepare human assets digitally driven entrepreneurs and Digital Leaders for the promotion of digital economy in India.

MADE in INDIA Academy is the largest aggregator of Digital Economy education emerging as a powerful leader promoting entrepreneurial opportunities for economic development.

India is the Second largest Tea producer in the world and Tea is one of the important export commodities. As it is consumed throughout the length and breadth of the land by every strata of the society Tea indeed is a National Drink. And the manner in which it is prepared, served and consumed represents the cultural diversity of our country. In cultural sense, tea is the true representative of unity in diversity of India. My Tea House has been designed to capture this unity in diversity. Modern research now has shown that tea indeed is a health drink. It soothes the nervous system, improves digestion, improves skin glow, hair growth, helps alleviate heart troubles etc.

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